finally it has come out!!!
enough talking. (reading) now watch the epicness….
( is epicness a word?)


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Im back!(for now)

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Hey I’m back and I’m able to write this because I got a I pad!

But I don’t know how to use it too much so I won’t be able to do much things on it but for the time until I’m back on my laptop this will have to do

And for what I’ve been doing these past few days are getting a diving certificate (and hurting my right eardrum )also going phi phi island (picture below) that’s it I got glasses but that’s nothing new.

So see you next time!


i at home for 1 day so im making a post but after this im going to thai so this is the last one this month probably

any way this made me LOL (laugh out loud)


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so every one who is looking at this im sorry i couldnt update my blog for so long but im on vacation and i dont have access to a computer but a realllly old one so maybe i wont be able to write again until next month

on the bright side after the vacation there is going to be more than 100 post on this blog so all you people die trying to read it so untill next time byee!

PS i dont know which country im going yet

this totally looks legit who agrees with me?

today i went to Enoshima with a couple of friends for a goodbye party:(

but it was his last day we can see him so we had to make it the best! here is a few of the pictures Im going to share with you

sorry the pictures are side ways

the friend who is leaving hes going to america. this is enoshima


me friends                                                                              more friends


this is it we went to the beach but i couldn’t get a picture

Im going to Thai this month so i might have to make a BIG post for that for know byeeee!

this is a three year old kid and he has seen LMFAOs sexy and i know it enough times to nearly master the moves

check it out