Summer is back at Enoshima!

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Summer paradise
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today i went to Enoshima with a couple of friends for a goodbye party:(

but it was his last day we can see him so we had to make it the best! here is a few of the pictures Im going to share with you

sorry the pictures are side ways

the friend who is leaving hes going to america. this is enoshima


me friends                                                                              more friends


this is it we went to the beach but i couldn’t get a picture

Im going to Thai this month so i might have to make a BIG post for that for know byeeee!

  1. iapplelover says:

    It will be SUPER DUPER great if you can actually turn the images before you post them because I have a hard time looking at them in the right direction.
    I had a hard time trying to lie down looking at my Retina display MacBook Pro.
    haha lol the last sentence was just simple bragging about my awesome Mac.

  2. iapplelover says:

    btw, I am going to the ocean at Hayama where I was planning to go with you guys but no one is still in Japan except us.

    • georgesm says:

      im going to thailand next week.
      sorry but ill show you pictures of my trip so you wont get bored
      did you make a wordpress account? if so whats your blog name?

  3. iapplelover says:

    it’s technically a photoblog

  4. iapplelover says:

    Btw, how did u know your way around Enoshima ?

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