this may seem a bit wired ok REAL weird but my mom drew this for her blog and i got the illustrations. i do not know what to do with it so im putting it up here.


can you believe they are the same age?

age 17

Dakota Fanning                                                                      Courtney Stodden

age 25

Florence Welch                                                                                Lea Michele

the most unbelievable they are both 26 years old

Lady Gaga                                                                                        Olsen Twins

age 47

Chris Rock                                                                    Charlie Sheen

this is absolutely hilarious. i really want to know what happened next.

i think all of you know this but Im putting it up anyway

epic laziness

i got these from smosh! all credits to them!

this is hilarious give credits to college humor!

i cant let my niece see this he is gong to get freaked out

these are posters i found on the internent

all credits to the creators!