Minecraft page updated every once a while



ok in this update i did some useless things so you dont need to see it if you want well ill be explaining pictures on the way

first  guess what it is

it a TNT cannon that lifts you up to some where high

but its not that strong. butt i like it because you cant see the TNT so you can fool someone to press the button

this is when activated


next i just upgraded my mother ship by covering it with trapdoors giving it a extra 20 blast resistance its on top of iron blocks so a total 50 blast resistance is made! PS iron blocks have 30 blast resistance.

the texture pack is minidoku texture if your wondering


this one is my favorite this update its the super speed lane it makes you faster is you jump multiple times while sprinting it makes you faster than a minecart with my guess

you can make it by putting a trapdoor on top of a ice block and you must not forget to put the ceiling on or it wont work the redstone  torch is just for design. you should keep the front trapdoor open or you wont be able to step in



Ok all readers i used to make the minecraft posts on the home page but i decided to put them all in this page

i don’t know how to move posts so the old ones will have to stay on the old home page

so until next time byeeee!

  1. iapplelover says:

    Dude, your mothership is like a jack o lantern. Get a few blocks for the top!

    • georgesm says:

      i changed it quite a lot now its got fireball cannons sone tnt blasters and some extra arrows. the problem is it laggged so much i had to take the trapdoor layering

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