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today i went to Enoshima with a couple of friends for a goodbye party:(

but it was his last day we can see him so we had to make it the best! here is a few of the pictures Im going to share with you

sorry the pictures are side ways

the friend who is leaving hes going to america. this is enoshima


me friends                                                                              more friends


this is it we went to the beach but i couldn’t get a picture

Im going to Thai this month so i might have to make a BIG post for that for know byeeee!


ok my teacher told me to write this so im writing this

first at japanese i didn’t really do much but it was fun playing with the ipads.i didn’t like the kanji though

secondly the class im writing this creative writing. i am pretty thankful for showing me how to and telling me to start a blog. blogging rocks!!

then  enhance your brain power ( no super powers with minds though) i liked the puzzles and i learned how to get my memory better by the three methods i learned the methods are… sorry i forgot the names but i remember how to do it.

lastly robotics in robotics we are going to do it in the afternoon  but im pretty sure we are going to beat the little kids.